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What is FEST?

An immersive learning programme which helps children to connect what they learn in school to real-world problems. Our programme is curated and delivered by industry leaders and passionate experts. FEST is super-gamified to bring out the best in your child and support them to transform into change-makers of tomorrow.


Your child shall receive mentorships from ISRO, SpaceX, NASA, Google, Silicon Valley, NID and UN experts.

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Your child enjoys 250+ hours of celebrated learning in a year, on mainstream and essential skills.

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FEST Journey



Find your child's innate interests through a counselling process.



Make your child go through a series of learning activities to build innate talent.



Take them to the next level of mastery through real projects and internships.


What do the parents say?

“ FEST changes the way my child looks at learning. She is excited and challenged at the same time. That makes her grow everyday.”
Remya Ramachandran

M/O Akshara (Age 5, Arts)

“My child was slow in learning Math and actually hated it. FEST recharged her learning mojo and now she loves it.”
Praseeth V

F/O Sreenitha(Age 9, Astrophysics)

“FEST is totally unconventional. This is the much needed change in education.The curriculum is well structured and a must try for kids.”
Dr Hridhya RS

M/O Deva (Age 10, Arts)

FEST Streams

The Creator

For aspiring Visionary Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Architects, or Artists. Build a creative foundation to work in innovation-driven companies like Google and Apple.

Certified by internationally acclaimed artists

Mentorship from NID, Adobe, and Disney artists

Strong foundation in design

Develop a digital portfolio

Internship at the end of the Fest Year

Visual storytelling and design thinking

The Explorer

For aspiring Space Scientists and Astrophysicists. Build a strong foundation in Astrophysics that is sought-after by space companies like NASA, ISRO, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactica.

Certified by Space Scientists

Mentorship from NASA, SpaceX, and ISRO Scientists

Foundation in physics and mathematics

Publish an article on the ‘Young Explorer” science journal

Internship at the end of the Fest Year

An in-depth exploration of Universe

The Maker

For aspiring Game Designers and Developers. Build a strong foundation in game creation that are sought-after by game development companies like EA, Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, and Unity.

Certified by Renowned Game Creators

Mentorship from Unity, EA Sports, and NVidia experts

Foundation in Game creation using Unity

Build a basic gaming application

Internship at the end of the Fest Year

Basics of VFX & Virtual Reality (VR)

The Developer

For aspiring Tech Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Innovators. Build a strong foundation in coding through practical applications and visual programming techniques that are sought out by major innovation-driven companies like Google, Uber, Apple, and Tesla.

Certified by global tech leaders

Mentorship from Google and other Silicon Valley Innovators

Foundation in Python, sensors and IoT using Raspberry Pi

Develop a website, mobile & smart IoT application

Internship at the end of the Fest Year

Computational and algorithmic thinking

The Leader

For aspiring Civil Servants, UN Ambassadors, NGO Officers, Social Scientists and Political Leaders. Build a strong leadership mindset, the skills to think critically, empathize with the society, and solve problems creatively.

Certified by national and global leaders

Mentorship from UN, WHO, IAS, and IPS Officers

Foundation in social and political science

Become a community leader

Internship at the end of the Fest Year

Personality building and influencing capabilities

Find the right stream

Our Learning Advisor will work with you one-on-one and help you to discover the right stream for your child.

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FEST Mastery

Akshara Amith
Akshara Amith, Aged 5

Student in "Art" stream

“I can draw and make crafts now...I love my teachers...I have many friends in class…”

Joel Abraham, Aged 12

Student in "Game" stream

I created and published an space shooter action game for android devices called "Space Shooter - Galaxy Wars"

Deva Komath, Aged 10

Student in "Science" stream

“Teachers are super amazing and fun. They answer all our questions. My teacher taught me that we’re all made from stardust!!! So we are also stars...Wow!!!”

Our passionate expert educators


Kriss Venugopal

Media Professional & Voice Expert


Dr. Anand Narayanan

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology


Raju Chithambaram

Chief Architect Autodesk, MIT Visiting Scholar


Dr. Radha Gopalan

Azim Premji University

Children who recognize their passion early, they achieve in life

Picking the right stream for your child is not an easy task. Our Learning Advisor will work one-on-one with you to find your child’s passion and guide them to the right stream.

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