What Makes Us Different


Learning at Bloombloom is an experience curated through the collaboration between corporate entities, communities, inspiring individuals, and industry experts.


All classes are taken by highly passionate individuals, each excellent in their own way, to young and aspiring learners who seek them out.


Our classes link them to the real-world, giving their academic ventures purpose and direction.


The classes are set to inspire and direct students to flourish in their areas of interest while preparing them for the ever-changing world.


What We’ve Accomplished

Over 3,500 passionate educators, 25,000 learners, 1000+ programmes.

Discovered and transformed several child prodigies.

Over 1000 individuals were employed.

Bridged the gap between age and education.

More than 200+ young learners were transformed through Fest: The School of innovators on Bloombloom.

Established multiple B-HUBs.

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